• To inspire you to harness your strengths and keep your cup full!

  • To help you feel your fear and do it anyway!

  • To help others realize they can achieve their dreams.

  • To help you see the bright side of every challenge.

  • To challenge you to a better outlook and a more positive life.

  • To inspire you to achieve more than what you’ve ever thought possible.

  • To help you understand the power of positive thinking, words, and actions.

From hospital to hospital, surgery to surgery, it seemed that a young, curly-haired Michelle would suffer a lifetime of restricted potential, with far fewer opportunities than the other little girls she’d often watch from the sidelines in those early years.

But life, as I quickly learned, really is what you – and God – can make of it. So, I am blessed to say, that is not at all how my life has turned out.

I owe a great deal to my mother, who – with a strength that only God could have provided to a woman with a husband, family, and the heartache of watching one of her beautiful children lay helpless in hospital gowns time and again – had the greatest impact on my young, impressionable heart.

Following one particular consult around age ten, wherein a well-meaning doctor determined that my mother would need to finally accept that I would simply be “limited” in my ability, she took my small, frail hand, looked into that doctor with a fire that only a mother could know, and denied him right then and there the satisfaction of his diagnosis.

“Michelle,” her fierce strength, unmovable, piercing itself into my little mind that day, “don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”

That, her love, the love and dedication of my siblings, my husband, family and friends over the years, and most notably, a steadfast faith in my Lord Jesus Christ, is the reason I have never had to live the life of “limit” assigned to me that unforgettable day many years ago.

My physical disability has made life more challenging, but from that small bloom of my mother’s tiny delicate seed of defiant strength so long ago, a child determined to achieve through no more than the childlike faith of perseverance – and just because Mama “said so” – I worked hard over the years to become an independent young fiery version of myself.

And, even when the bullying started a little later in life, I overcame that too, the voice of my mother ringing louder than any darkness of doubt.

Life’s constant challenges have taught me innumerable lessons in motivation, resilience, perseverance, and the power of a positive attitude. By focusing on my abilities, not my disability, I have learned the power of what happens when you put yourself in a position of priority.

Rather than living a life of limited potential, I’ve simply grabbed every new task, after careful consideration but without any hesitation, and worked myself into becoming the most successful I could possibly be – regardless of the demand or obstacles!

As an adult, I’ve helped build multi-million-dollar business empires, become a top salesperson for both Ford Motor Company and Mary Kay Cosmetics, and was awarded the CA Pippy Award in Newfoundland as an Overcomer.

With my (ever patient and adventurous) hero husband at my side through every step of this journey, I’ve raised two incredible children – now having four wonderful grandchildren! – and I’ve lost over 100 lbs along the way!

While the loving care from my family played a role in my many successes, I attribute much of what I’ve achieved to my attitude, a blessing granted to me by God through His lovingkindness. I have persevered through endless struggles – mental, emotional, and physical – and have overcome each one by focusing on what’s really important.

Now, in this next chapter of my life’s journey, I want to share my story, teaching you how to life like this as well.

“Show me your tribe….” A wise saying from someone greater than I. Come, be a part of my tribe. I’ll show you you.