God is such an awesome God! Over these past few months, I’ve been working with my beautiful niece to get the website ready. Also, I’m getting the web page up and going, and I am really excited about that! Things had to be in timing for them to be perfect. We have had this website for the past week or so, although it is not ready to publish yet. I was sending all the information that was needed and having the site was helping me get through the technical details of starting this adventure.

One of the things that sent me in a spin yesterday was something that I have been saying for many years – it has been a survival mechanism that I have you to get me through many tough situations, serious health conditions, financial and physical restraints. It’s called “inside the bubble”.

These are the techniques that I have always used to cope with stress as a physically challenged person, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a friend, a business person etc. Through this pandemic, I was astounded to hear that the strategic plan for COVID-19 was something that I’ve always lived by and it was inside the bubble…

The sense of security that I found in those statements was over the top, but that is the way to get through any situation, even a pandemic. So, continue to follow these steps I’ll share with you, but I bet once you get them, you’ll know that they can carry you through more than you can ever imagine.

SiteWyze is on board with me to help set up this website. Stay home and be safe.

Written by : Michelle Bragg

Leaving the corporate world after a decade in Leadership Management, and assisting corporate growth from start-ups to multi-million dollar organizations, she teaches her very successful #insidethebubble approach to all her participants – the difference between “impossible” and ”possible”.